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  • Bruce at Boston Sports Media Watch has a guest posting from George Cain which perfectly sums up my thoughts on Felger & Mazz’s (and the local media in general) obsession with the John Henry interview.  Yes, it was a significant moment, but it yielded no real earth-shattering news and the complete disregard of the Patriots’ win on Sunday on their flagship station was flat-out embarassing.  I’m exhausted with this story and want to start looking forward to next season rather than obsess over the 2011 team.
  • In light of Jon Lester’s attempt at an apology, explanation, whatever, I can see why no more players are interested in coming out to “defend” themselves.  To me, it is a microcosm of what was going on in the locker room itself, a few players on an island with no real leadership qualities just looking out for themselves and how they look.  Jon Lester is hands-down the most disappointing culprit in this whole mess and his comments yesterday were just flat-out shameful.  Tito looked after him like a son when he had cancer and Lester admitted as much if you dig through the archives…and he says yesterday that Tito lost control of the clubhouse and they needed more authority because they took advantage of him?  Are you effing kidding me?  Are you 12?  You’re a grown man who just admitted that you need an adult babysitter to tell you to take care of your body, do your job, honor your contract, and just flat out be a man.  That is pathetic, 100% gutless and pathetic…Tito was there for you at your lowest and when he needed you you weren’t there and then had the audacity to come out a few weeks after his firing and say it was time for him to go because he didn’t have enough rules for you to do your job?  That’s pathetic Jon, almost as pathetic as your explanation about one 9th inning rally beer and your September ERA.  And no, we’re not forgiving you based on that weak-ass apology.  I can’t believe the lack of accountability and maturity from this team, it is jaw-dropping…
  • I haven’t said much about the John Henry interview last week, so I’ll give you the two biggest things I took out of the interview: first, he is a hands-off owner who literally lets Larry run the entire organization.  Why didn’t he come out and say the Tito smearing was reprehensible right away?  Because he is detached and doesn’t want to throw Larry under the bus, knowing full well it was probably him who leaked the Tito stuff…what is he going to do?  Larry is his guy, that should be obvious now…let’s see how this team takes shape now that it has been confirmed Larry will be running this team now more than ever.  The interview also solidified why John Henry needs Larry to translate for him, most notably with the Crawford comments.  Crawford was already putting so much pressure on himself this season and now the owner is on record sayin he didn’t want him, what a moron.  Here’s hoping Larry intervenes and tells him to connect with Crawford directly to explain what he meant…there’s no harm in telling him “hey, I might not have wanted you but I simply didn’t want to spend the money and don’t know baseball like my people do, and they all wanted you, enough to the point we offered you the biggest deal in history, so you have our support.”  There John, you can use that…
  • Brady sitting out of practice today + huge wrap on his arm during the game = freaking out among the masses.  This type of stuff has happened in the past, I assume the Pats are simply being overly cautious with a QB on the back 9, coming off of 2 physical games where he has taken a lot of hits, who you’re going to be counting on to carry the team with his arm more than ever.
  • Starting to build some depth on the roster with the return of one of my all-time favorite Pats, Kevin Faulk, along with Deaderick/Brace.  Never hurts to add fresh legs to the d-line and insurance for Woodhead if he’s more injured than everyone is leading on.
  • I can’t believe how much the Bengals were able to get, or better yet how much Oakland gave up, for Carson Palmer…a 2012 1st round pick, a 2013 first round pick (if the Raiders win a playoff game in 2011-2012) or a 2nd round pick.  I understand that Oakland looks at their roster along with the complexion of the AFC right now and thinks that solid QB play puts them in the mix for the playoffs…but that’s it.  I think Palmer is done and the logic behind giving up high picks for a QB who missed all of training camp, most likely isn’t in football shape, and whose skills were already diminishing just doesn’t make sense.  Oh and the Bengals appear to have their QB of the future in Dalton.
  • Bye weeks are traditionally viewed as an opportunity for teams to focus on personnel, either via trades or contract extensions.  I wish the Pats would lock up at least Welks and/or Mayo during this time.  Welks’ negotiaion is an interesting one…a few years back after his injury in week 17 against Houston, Michael Silver had an article quoting sources close to Welks saying he wasn’t psyched about his contract, how the Pats were basically grooming Edelman to be his replacement, etc.  First off, let’s be honest here…Edelman is nothing more than a special teams player who can’t stay healthy…there is NO player who can replicate the timing, route-running, and general chemistry Brady has with Welker.  Some would even say his chemistry with Brady is better than the old Branch chemistry.  He also basically emasculated himself publicly to get a contract last year, saying he didn’t deserve a contract, etc.  He is exactly the type of guy we need to keep…takes football seriously, takes care of his body, is a flat-out winner.  The negotiations will be real interesting…his numbers place him in the top echelon of receivers in this league who get like $30-40MM guaranteed…but you know the Pats aren’t going there and nor should they.  I’d like to think both sides will arrive at the same conclusion: the Pats will realize they are a much worse team without their most reliable, clutch player who fast-tracked himself back from injury…and you might piss off your QB more than he was with Branch.  And hopefully Welks acknowledges that he won’t be anywhere near the same player in any other system.  Meet in the middle and get it done, this is the type of contract you need to get done as an example to younger players working towards their first deal…look at Welks, how hard he works, how clutch he is, we’ll reward you if you do the same, etc.  You think Welks’ people won’t mention how Ocho makes 3x as much as him this year?  Tom Curran has a good article on this today…

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