Super Bowl Armageddon

Ohhhhhhhh baby…I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this matchup is actually happening, another chance at these guys, another chance for the fans at least to mentally avenge 07…it almost seems surreal that this matchup, and season for that matter, has shaken out the way it has…I have to say, this feels a lot different than 2007/2008…between comments from Heath Evans, Bruschi, Harrison and the general attitude of Belichick, Brady, Wilfork, Welker, etc. you get the sense that the pursuit of perfection in 2007 really wore on the team, and I feel like it did on the fans too.  The last 3 years have made this run so much more enjoyable…yes, I realize 3 years of not making the Super Bowl forcing you to appreciate what you have is the very definition of champagne problems, but that’s how I feel.  I’m making a concerted effort to enjoy this one, though now we’re so close to completing the ultimate revenge tour I’ll probably feel different come Sunday, 6ish…it is a delicate balance between appreciating being back in the Super Bowl and wanting to finish the deal.  There is a piece of me that legitimately wondered whether Brady & Belichick would ever get back to this stage together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if deep down they wondered the same thing.

Scariest part of this one?  The consequences of a loss are devastating…you can say a lot of things about Belichick/Brady, but for them to have a coach/QB nemesis would be the utmost.  I don’t even want to think about that…

I have so many thoughts on the Baltimore game, but life/work prevented me from getting them on paper and too much time has passed at this point…maybe some other time, let’s dive right into the final leg of the revenge tour…a lot of this stuff has been covered locally/nationally as you can expect, but I’m going for it anyways…

  • You definitely get the sense that Belichick has learned his lesson from that this go around…whether it is from having his team too tense in the last Super Bowl run and last season against the Jets, Belichick certainly has lightened up.  His relaxed attitude has reinforced my enjoyment and appreciation of this run, and I think it is a combination of a lot of factors.  Heath Evans said Belichick ran the players into the ground on Thursday/Friday and they didn’t have their legs in 07…in addition to moving the team to a hotel in the “hood” (Evans’ words, not mine) the night before the game.  I wonder how much he learned from that experience.  I also think the presence of Josh McDaniels in addition to O’Brien takes a huge burden off of Belichick to be deeply involved on both sides of the ball, allowing him to watch more film, game plan, focus on the defense, etc.  I also wonder if there is a piece of Belichick and Brady that deep down wondered if they would ever get back to this place…nothing to back me up on that whatsoever, and more likely than not the competitors in both of them refused to let that enter their psyche, but maybe it’s possible they were skeptical.  But, I think the most important reason Belichick is so relaxed this go around is for the simple fact he loves this team and he said as much this week.  He said this week and several times throughout the season that he never had to put in extra effort to motivate the team, they always showed up to work ready and willing to learn, and he just falt out appreciated this team and their commitment to playing for a tough coach like him.  I think he looks at this team and loves what he has built…a tough, smart team willing to work hard, take coaching, and be mentally tough.  This team is loaded with 18 players drafted in the 5th round or later and countless guys who are off the street…several months back, after jettisoning turds like Haynesworth, Bodden, etc., the one positive you could pull from a group of players like this was the simple fact that they will embrace the coaching more than a player with heralded talent might (Butler, Meriweather)…they owe their careers to Belichick taking a chance on them, so anything he says to them is gospel and they’ll do whatever he says. 
  • If you asked me to take into consideration the matchup on both sides of the ball combined and choose the toughest matchup of the 31 teams in this league, I’d say the Giants present the biggest challenge for the Pats.  Defensively, they can generate pressure without blitzing, the types of defenses that always give us problems…offensively, the weapons are just filthy and present tons of problems for us, especially when they spread it out and force us to go nickel/dime.  Their receivers are going to make plays in this game, you have to mentally prepare yourself for that fact, the question is how much can the Pats minimize the number of those plays and the magnitude of the ones they do give up.
  • DB’s vs. their WR’s is a real scary matchup…you have to believe that even though BB will play a lot of zone to avoid big plays, these guys are going to have to make some plays on the ball at some point…my big concern is the slot where we’ll see some Edelman, Giants will certainly see that and try to get Cruz matched up with him.  Their receivers are going to make plays in this game, plain and simple…our DB’s are terrible at turning around for the ball and making plays on balls in the air…I could absolutely see Eli heaving the ball downfield and forcing us into a PI or their receivers will make a play…I feel like we get burned on broken plays all the time…
  • To me, the most interesting X’s and O’s angle of this game is how the Pats plan to attack the Giants defense…Heath Evans was on Felger’s show today and talked a little bit about where they went wrong in 2007 against the Giants and how they abandoned their plan to run the ball down the Giants’ throats to neutralize their pass rushers and started throwing the ball all over the place.  Hearing this, I wonder how much they try and balance running the ball with BenJarvs/Woodhead with the no-huddle offense they didn’t have available in their arsenal in week 9.  Mike Reiss has pointed out that in the first game, the Pats clearly tried to establish the run, set up play-action and in doing that took away their own strength, resulting in poor field position and ultimately a 0-0 game at halftime.  I think a key in this game will be to see how they balance their up-tempo game with running the ball, especially considering the fatigue factor that comes with playing indoors (their first since Thanksgiving last year) and the fact that their initial game plan for the last two meetings with the Giants has been to run right at those pass rushers. 
  • I have a hunch that they will have the exact same game plan to start this one as they did in week 9: run the ball down their throats…I think Ridley coming out and declaring that he absolutely will be active for this game says a lot to me…he probably got himself in trouble with the coaches, but if he is that adamant about playing, I suspect part of their game plan will be to establish the run early and see if they can work play action.
  • It is going to be interesting to see how their game plan evolves during the game…apparently in 07 their game plan was to run it down their throats, they abandoned that plan and it screwed them…in the week 9 they stuck with the run too long and essentially eliminated what they do best in throwing the ball.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be watching how much they balance the run with the pass throughout the course of this game.  Another thing to keep an eye on is how effective will the no-huddle be with a limited Gronk.  He is such a focal point for Brady in that package, either running the ball with matchups against DB’s or catching passes, and if he isn’t the same/doesn’t have the strength to keep up with the no huddle tempo, will it be as effective?
  • I think an interesting angle to this game is Josh McDaniels’ presence…him and Belichick had their worst days as coaches the last go around, and this game will say a lot about how much both of them learned from abandoning their game plan in the Super Bowl.
  • Is the o-line better this time around?  I say unequivocally it is…you essentially have replaced Stephen Neal & Nick Kaczur with Brian Waters and a combo of Solder/Vollmer.  I have confidence in this group, no doubt…but they are in fact going to have to play their best game as a unit, as well you should in the biggest game of the year.
  • My biggest concern with Gronk’s injury is how he holds up as the game progresses…I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him look pretty good in the early going, catch a few passes, start woofin at the crowd, etc…my concern is how he holds up with a 30-minute halftime and the ankle gets stiff, Toradol wears off, etc.  It also wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see this guy be nearly 100% for the entire game, he is the epitome of toughness and I think you can’t apply traditional medical rationale to this guy…
  • Gronk’s injury puts even more stress on the outside receivers of this team, specifically Deion Branch…if we’re going to win this game with Gronk at less than 100%, we need either Deion Branch or Ocho to have strong games, and I’m obviously focusing more on the former.  The only thing we can lean on when it comes to Branch is the fact that he is a big-game player…that’s it…he simply can’t create separation like he used to, so he’ll need to rely on his instincts, and to be frank, his sack in big games.  Ocho will not be a factor, other than possibly a straight go-route to keep the second level honest…
  • Almost as important as Gronk’s injury is whether Vollmer will be healthy…we need the depth in this game more than ever and he could be effective against a line that is real good at tipping passes at the line…furthermore, his health allows you to be more flexible with Solder, especially if Gronk is more limited than we anticipate and he has fill that role on run plays, etc.
  • Really hope this doesn’t come down to Gostkowski in some capacity, I have zero faith in him…he really hasn’t been put to the test in his six seasons with the Pats…he did hit a big kick against San Diego on the road in 2006 that squeeked through the left upright…but he then followed that up the next season by kicking the ball out of bounds against the Giants and subsequently wasn’t trusted enough to kick a 47-yard field goal by the coaching staff…and he missed a freaking 27-yarder against the Giants to close out the first half earlier this season.
  • I mentioned this earlier, but isn’t it crazy to think the Pats haven’t played indoors since Thanksgiving of last year, and in their previous 4 they are 0-4?  Bruschi mentioned several times that the biggest factor in playing indoors is conditioning, a huge focus in practice last week for the Pats…just look at the Rams/Panthers Super Bowls and Colts game in 06 for evidence of how the defenses wear down as the game progresses…
  • Defensively, it will be interesting to see how this defense looks against the Giants without Andre Carter and Fat Albert, who both were active for that last game.  Vince can handle their o-line, I have no doubt about that, it’s the matchup in the secondary that terrifies me.  Spikes was having a real strong game last time before he got hurt early in the third quarter…if he can stay on the field, he’ll give you a handful of impact plays.
  • Speaking of defense, here’s some breaking news brought to you by the Giants defensive line: pressuring Tom Brady forces him to make bad decisions and he’s not a God…wow, real groundbreaking stuff from you guys, thanks for that tremendous insight.  Wait, so you mean Brady is a human being and pressuring a QB makes them feel uncomfortable?  Wow…


  • I don’t love it because of his injury history, but don’t be surprised to see Hernando in the backfield again in this game trying to take advantage of mismatches.


  • I would love to see Gronk get involved early and give a gutteral scream right in their faces…whether he can sustain that is the real question, but as a fan, that’s what I want…


  • How good is Belichick?  Last week he ran the team ragged and focused on conditioning, knowing that they haven’t played indoors since Thanksgiving of last year and how stamina will be a key late in the game…and now we hear that he exactly simulated the Super Bowl halftime, forcing them to take a 31-minute break and even talked to them during halftime like he would during the game.  Whether this translates into a win we don’t know, but it just helps crystallize how prepared Belichick’s teams are for anything.

I have so many more thoughts on this game, I’m way too jacked up for this thing, all I can think about at work, home, whatever…Pats are back in the Super Bowl, pretty awesome…trying to strike a balance between enjoying this accomplishment with anxiety about this game and consequences of both outcomes…Super Bowl tashe, LET’S FCKING TRASH THIS PLACE!!!


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AFC Champions, Rematch, Revenge Tour

It doesn’t get better than this…wow…what a game…plenty of thoughts on a sick day yesterday, but we’re marinating in Pats porn today enjoying the sh@t out of this…Pats are back in the Super Bowl, unreal…even with this QB/coach combo, I definitely had doubts whether they would ever get back here, and they did…and the Giants wait on the other side…Armageddon…plenty of time to dissect the 1,000 angles of that, let’s enjoy this one for a few first…

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AFC Championship

I’m so jacked up for this game, gonna need excessive nervous beers and possibly a defibrillator on Sunday…haven’t been able to put all of my thoughts to paper for this game, part because of time, and also because for every point I make in favor of one team, a counterpoint comes up.  I’ll start by saying it’s a great feeling to be back in this game with a chance to play in the Super Bowl.  I’ve never wanted a sports championship more than I want the Pats to win one post-Spygate…but let’s certainly not get ahead of ourselves, I think winning this game and getting to the Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment, both relative to this season in a vacuum and for the legacy of Belichick/Brady/this organization.

I do get the general sense that people are overreacting to both team’s games last week…the Pats looked like a wagon against a crap Denver team at home and Baltimore looked shaky against a third-string QB at home.  However you slice it, this is going to be the biggest challenge for the Pats on both sides of the ball in 2+ months since they faced Pitt/Giants in back-to-back weeks.  This is going to be a great game, I’m too nervous/fired up to go into a breakdown of this one, we’re so close…let’s FCKIN DO THIS THING!  ROTASHE!

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Well, the time is now.  I feel like Pats fans have been waiting a year for this, the playoffs and another opportunity…and I’m tweaking…so many nervous stews are getting drained tomorrow.

  • I don’t think it makes sense to evaluate this game/opportunity within the context of the last 3 playoff losses…every season is different, and with each passing season, the league more and more resembles arena ball and the paradigm has shifted from stout defenses and running the ball to elite passing games and opportunistic/situational defenses…at least I hope that’s the case…


  • Especially this season…coming out of a lockout, with all of the records being broken, you can’t compare to last year.  Even the best teams are severely flawed in some way, this season is a question of how easily can you overcome/mask your weakness…can the Pats defense morph into the 06 Colts? 


  • This Pats offense is significantly better than last year’s, and earlier this week Greg Bedard pointed out exactly why in two words: Aaron Hernandez.  If you recall from the Belichick documentary, during one of his meetings he said they had Moss over-the-top and Welker underneath and nothing else…now that we have a legitimate third option, it has totally transformed the potency of this offense and how opposing coaches have to prepare for us.  Hernandez is healthy and has proven that he won’t hit a wall like he did last year.  He had a huge game last time they faced each other, I can’t see them allowing him to beat them again, let’s hope that opens things up for our bread and butter, Gronk-Welks.


  • Is McCourty the answer at safety?  I say yes, he can be, especially in passing situations…safety in this new NFL requires a totally different skill set than even 5 years ago, and McCourty at least has the coverage fundamentals to do so…doesn’t hurt he’s also a pretty sound tackler.  He might just be the answer in nickel packages and/or against teams that can spread us out though, and this one looks like a James Ihedigbo game.


  • Tom Curran has alluded to this and I agree: I feel like Belichick’s maniacal week-to-week focus on the details and perfection can sometimes strip guys of the emotion needed come playoff time…I want them to have fun with this, to play with emotion and not play scared.  Outside of the X’s and O’s against the Jets last year, the team just seemed tight and nervous for that game.  The Jets can in emotional, with nothing to lose, and a great game plan.  I hope some of the younger players learned a lesson from that game and now understand how much better you have to be come playoff time, but also hope that Belichick encourages them to play with emotion and have fun with this.  You’re not owed anything as an NFL player, the average career is like just under 3 years I think, enjoy this and play for each other…YEA!  Ok, ra-ra speech over…


  • Looking back at the last meeting between these teams, my biggest takeaway/concern from that was our heavy reliance on turnovers and how quickly we turned that game into a blowout.  What would that game have looked like without the turnovers…that’s how we need to view tomorrow night’s game.  Can the Pats make enough stops and drive the field without the benefit of turnovers and strong field position, respectively. 


  • Now if you want to look at the Pats and their last 3 playoff games in a vacuum, my biggest concern would be the o-line.  I’m confident that if the o-line has a strong game, we could score on nearly every possession with the weapons we have.  Mankins’ injury is huge, especially considering Cannon got added to the injury report with an ankle yesterday.  And how much can you really count on Vollmer in this game, even in a rotational capacity?  I don’t think much…one thing I love is the tradeoff of Neal-Vollmer for Waters-Solder…I have a lot more confidence in that duo.


  • McGahee not finishing last game was also huge…can we keep him in check?  He certainly has a tendency to fumble like he did twice last week, so keep an eye on that.


  • Chung-Spikes both missed last game, should help against a strong running team…will be interesting to see how much burn Spikes gets.  He is a situational LB in the Ted Johnson mold…sick against the run, liability in passing situations.


  • I agree with Felger, the Pats’ approach should be to play their standard zone, don’t commit extra players to stopping the run, let them run it if they want and tighten up in the red zone…this flies contradictory to the theory that allowing them to run the ball keeps Brady off the field, but I don’t think the tradeoff of potentially giving up a big play is worth it.


  • Will be interesting to see how they juggle BJGE-Ridley-Woodhead in this game…Ridley was getting the lion’s share of carries in the final month, but I wonder if they go back to BJGE considering how well he protects the ball.


  • I’m so damn nervous for this game…not because I don’t think they should win, but the consequences if they lose…Denver has nothing to lose really and it is tough to match up with a team that has nothing to lose…they’ll take more chances, trick plays, etc.  But more importantly, the rotashe is once again going big for this game, and every time we go big they crush us…might have to go complete opposite and do canned chili and Sam Adams mixer packs…too fired up to write any more…Saturday night game, wife out of town, thick crew ready to get loose all day = let’s trash this place…

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Oh baby

Well, the time is here…playoffs…feels like we’ve been waiting 12 months for another shot at this, and it’s finally here.  This time around is similar only in that we’ve beaten this team already 4 weeks ago as we did with the Jets last year…but that’s about where the similarities end between the nauseating week of Jets trash we suffered through last year and the Tebow stuff this year.  Full preview to come later this week, just had to get some nervous energy out…

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What a weekend on tap…work/life preventing thoughts about the Pats, but hopefully I’ll get something going next week for the 4 people who occasionally read this…but how can you not be fired up about this weekend?

  • Bruins-Canucks at 1 tomorrow…think the Bruins are ready?  They have scored 15 unanswered goals over the last two games, firing on all cylinders, and most important, they are healthy.  You listen to the radio and fans around here seem to want the Bruins to go out for blood tomorrow, but that seems backwards to me…yes, we hate these guys, but WE won last year!  The damage has been done…if anything, they’ll be the ones looking for revenge on Marchand, but I think they know that approach doesn’t work with this Bruins team…learned that the hard way in game 3 last year. 


  • This Bruins team is just so damn likable right now…to me, last week’s fight between McQuaid and Torres says it all about this team.  Torres is a rat, we saw that last year in the Finals, elbows Ference, and McQuaid instantly skates across the ice, tosses the gloves and beats him senseless.  He might be the biggest badass on this team right now, more so than Thornton, Chara, Campbell, etc.


  • Bill O’Brien to Penn State ey?  We have plenty of time to get into the long-term implications here in New England as well as for him out there, but I’m more concerned about whether this is poor form on his part to even be the smallest distraction to the 2011 Pats.  I understand you have to do what is best and the bye week allows him more flexibility than he otherwise would, but I just don’t like the comparisons to Charlie Weis in 2004.  Weis had been some form of a coach in the NFL for 14 years, so he was better equipped to balance the responsibilties of game-planning and recruiting, etc than O’Brien, who has been here since 2007.  I’m not saying he can’t pull this off, I just would hate to see something off-field derail the Pats playoff push.  If today is any indication, it seems like Belichick got in their ear early and often about not saying a word and focusing on the task at hand…here’s hoping he did the same with O’Brien.


  • Wild Card Weekend rules, especially when your team is sitting at home resting.  Obviously if you’re a Pats fan you’re a huge Cincy fan this weekend, but I just don’t see it happening.  Even with TJ Yates, Houston runs the ball as well as anyone in the league and now that Wade Phillips is back on the sidelines they are loaded with the top-ranked defense in the league against a rookie QB, and of course, Marvin Lewis.  I hope I’m wrong, just don’t see it happening…like Houston to cover.


  • Saints-Lions…I don’t think anyone in either conference could beat the Saints at home right now, they look flat-out unstoppable in the dome…get them outside on the road and they’re a completely different team, but I don’t see how a playoff-tested QB-Coach combo like Brees & Payton at home will lose this one…Saints to cover.


  • Falcons-Giants…best game of the weekend in my opinion.  Two very evenly-matched teams, though the Giants are a trendy pick right now.  The matchup between Atlanta’s o-line and that Giants d-line is going to be fun to watch…I just don’t see Atlanta winning this one…Giants defensive line is healthy and battle-tested and I don’t trust the Falcons to stick to the run like they should…like the Giants to cover.


  • Steelers-Broncos…again, if you’re a Pats fan, you would love for nothing more than for Denver to win this one…but again, I don’t see it happening.  Even without Clark, Mendenhall, and Pouncey, their defense is still filthy and will eat up Tebow…not to mention I think Rapies is playing up his injury a bit.  That being said, if this game is close, I give the nod to Denver…that crowd will be rowdy, and God will be on Denver’s side of course…jk…either a close Denver win or a blowout loss…really going out on a limb there I know, whatever…


Shaping up to be a sick day drinking Saturday, have a good weekend and keep it real.


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What a big win on Sunday from the Pats when you consider the AFC playoff picture.  A loss, combined with Baltimore and Pittsburgh wins would’ve dropped us from the 1 seed down to the 3 seed since Pitt holds the tiebreaker, and Pitt would have the inside track to at worst the 2 seed with Cleveland in week 17.  Instead, the Pats once again showed an enormous amount of mental toughness and clawed back in the second half with the help of some excellent adjustments by Bill O’Brien and the entire offense in the second half. 

  • I thought Mike Reiss summed it up best with his column on Christmas Day following the win: this team isn’t perfect and the tendency for a lot of folks (myself included) has been to focus on their missteps instead of how good we have it, and that while we don’t know whether some of these flaws will prove to be fatal come January, the intangibles with this team, toughness, accountability, resiliency, etc. is something to be proud of and can go a long ways come playoff time.    
  • I’ve been banging the run-the-ball drum in this space for a while and it was awesome to see Ridley run with that kind of force this weekend.  We’ve seen glimpses of what he can bring to the table, and I thought it was telling that Ridley not only was getting carries down the stretch in big spots, but they seemed to work him into personnel groupings that usually include Woodhead.  That’s a good sign for keeping our offense even less predictable going forward.
  • If you’re going to pull a positive from Andre Carter’s injury, I think it could be the long-awaited appearance of Shaun Ellis.  He looked pretty solid in spots on Sunday and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s going to have fresh legs going into the playoffs (as fresh as they can be at this stage in his career) and that he’s proven to play well in big spots, look no further than last year’s playoff game here.  The injury has also opened the door up for increased playing time for Brandon Deaderick, and he’s been playing very well.  When you consider the injuries we’ve suffered on the d line again this season (Wright, Pryor, Carter) and miss on Haynesworth, Belichick still was able to build some solid depth there and deserves credit for ensuring we avoid last year’s playoff situation where we were forced to start Eric Moore.
  • Another impressive trend emerging this season is our coaching staff’s ability to make effective in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball.  Patricia made some adjustments to increase spacing and revert back to a 3-4 look against Denver, and last week O’Brien combined revamped personnel groupings (going empty and spreading the defense to allow Brady & o-line to more easily identify rushers) with getting the ball out of Brady’s hand quicker to combat Mike Nolan’s heavy pressure.  I’m hoping this coaching staff is also improving and gaining confidence that they can make these adjustments in the big spots.  Greg Bedard, who I think is hands-down the most insightful writer on X’s-and-O’s, chronicles these adjustments in a couple of articles this weekend.
  • I’ve believed for weeks now that the Jets were on a collision course to face the Pats again here in Foxborough, and while it still could happen, that possibility took a huge hit this weekend with their loss to the Giants.  While the scenario they need to get in the playoffs isn’t that far-fetched (win @ Miami, plus Cincy loss @ Bal + Tenn loss @ Houston, and one of Den vs. KC/Oak vs. SD), it certainly isn’t likely.  The Tennessee game is the most intriguing to me…Houston has looked atrocious defensively the last two games, but they just happened to be the two games that Wade Phillips wasn’t on the sidelines and he’ll be back Sunday.  Would love nothing more than to see the Jets out of the playoffs and marinate in the fallout…would actually be a fun week to watch ESPN.
  • Props to the NFL for learning their lesson after the debacle in weeks 16/17 in 2009 where teams were laying down left and right, and backloading the schedule with division games in the final two weeks.  Sunday is shaping up to be a sick day of football with all of the playoff scenarios.
  • Ok that’s the only positive thing I have to say about the NFL…the officiating this season has been at best, inconsistent, and at worst, atrocious in my opinion.  Not sure how many folks watched the Houston-Indy game on Thursday night, but there were a handful of calls that not only were pathetic, but game-changing.  I can’t remember all of them, but the one that stood out was when JJ Watt sacked Orlovsky and as he went to tackle him in the chest, Orlovsky ducked his head and they nailed him with a helmet-to-helmet blow.  And if you watched other games throughout the season, the trend continued Sunday in the Pats game where apparently the concept of an uncatchable ball just flat out doesn’t exist in the NFL anymore.  Yes, McCourty put himself in a bad spot Sunday and didn’t need to wrap Hartline, but that ball was nowhere near catchable and completely bailed them out of a 3rd-and-18 hole.  I feel like the next officiating symposium they have with the Competition Committee should address the context in which these rules should be enforced, and to me, that’s upholding the “spirit of the rule.”  For example, I understand the focus on protecting QB’s by penalizing blows to the head or diving at their knees…but don’t call a blow to the head when a player’s hand grazes the QB’s head while engaged with a blocker, trying to bat down a pass, etc…that’s not the spirit of the rule.  If you want to change the rule and just say you can’t touch a QB’s head under any circumstance, then do that…but don’t call it a “blow to the head.”  Same goes for the low hit, look no further than Andre Carter’s penalty in the Skins game.

One more win and we’ve locked down the #1 seed, and that’s the most you could ask from your team as it relates to regular season performance.  With a win, the Pats have as good a shot as anyone to win this thing, especially when you consider Baltimore’s home-road splits this season, so let’s grab that 1 seed and make them come back up here and stop this offense.  Not necessarily an easy one against Buffalo though, their spread attack will challenge us in ways that the last 4-5 teams really couldn’t, with the exception of Philly, but Vince Young isn’t as good as Fitzpatrick IMO.  You’d like to think the Pats have chip on their shoulder going into this one considering how week 3 played out, and at least they get to prepare for a team without Fred Jackson, who always dominates against us.

Enjoy the break.

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